Flat Belly Overnight Review

Flat Belly Overnight Review

Flat Belly Overnight may seem too good to be true, but you can’t knock it until you try it. To be fair, you really aren’t going to get a Flat Belly Overnight per se. Or at the very least, not on a consistent basis. That’s just impossible. However, you can implement some tricks found in this program that’ll allow your body to burn fat quicker so you start to see results faster. This is a huge bonus because many people fall off the health bandwagon because it takes too long to see results. When you’re able to lose 2 pounds by the next morning, you get a new sense of motivation that is very hard to find otherwise. So, if you have an important date coming up and want to slim down just a touch or need a boost of motivation, this is the healthy way to do just that.

About the Flat Belly Overnight Program

Flat Belly Overnight comes with a written guide and a video series to keep the information exciting, and more importantly, to keep you motivated. It provides you with a template packed with exclusive tips and tricks that will fire your body up, allowing you to lose belly fat overnight. A lot of the tips have to do with your diet, which makes sense since your health and fitness is made up of 80% food and 20% fitness.

Along with the tips, you get 3-minute belly flattening workouts which are easy to follow and fun to do. Just don’t let the 3 minutes fool you. These workouts will make you break a sweat and get that belly burning.  There’s also several of them, so you won’t feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. They can also be downloaded to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone so you can workout wherever you are.

how to lose belly fat fast

About the Author

Andrew Raposo is a Certified Personal trainer and strength coach with extensive knowledge of the health and fitness industry. Andrew is the also the North American Super Middle Weight Champion in Muay Thai, Two Time Provincial Gold Medalist in Boxing and a Fitness and Lifestyle Management Graduate. As you look through the program, you’ll quickly see that a lot of time and research has been put into Flat Belly Overnight that stem from both his personal and professional life.

Overview of the Flat Belly Overnight Program

The Flat Belly Overnight program is broken down into four sections, making it incredibly easy to follow and reference back to as needed. To give you a bit of a sneak peek at what you can expect when you indulge in this innovative template, I have broken down the sections below.

Exclusive Tips and Tricks to Lose Belly Fat Overnight:

This section of the program is packed with all kinds of unique tricks you can implement into your entire lifestyle. From diet secrets that will wake up a poor digestive system to nutrients that’ll eliminate bloating, bath salts to remove toxins from your belly and so much more, everything can be found here. Flat Belly Overnight provides the kind of tips you’ve never heard of before, which makes it incredibly valuable. The tips and tricks really are exclusive.

List of Foods to Have at Home:

A lot of people tend to fall off the bandwagon when it comes to eating at home. You get so hungry that you grab something quick. Suddenly, your cheat meal turns into a cheat day, and then a cheat week and the downward spiral continues. So, it’s important to have healthy, whole foods in your home at any given time.

Flat Belly Overnight provides you with a list that can be used as a foundation to start your diet. Everything can be found at your local grocery store, making it incredibly easy to follow. As a bonus, the foods are broken down into categories so you can see the benefit of eating them. It also talks about how to shop quality ingredients to ensure you reap the highest amount of benefits. And don’t worry – the list isn’t short. Everything from fruits and vegetables to fish and protein, healthy fats, oils, and snacks are covered.

Daily Template:

The daily template is the “when to eat” and “how to eat” of the program. This is a step that many people forget about when trying to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Fortunately, the program has everything already set up for you so you can just follow the guide. It also tells you what physical activity you should do with each meal, along with the portion sizes for each.

guide t o get flat tone belly

Belly Flattening Sequences:

This is where you’ll find a detailed workout plan. Each sequence only takes 3 minutes to complete, and you can mix and match them as you would like. This portion is written out, but the program also provides a video series that shows you each movement. Proper movement and technique are important to deter the risk of injury. So, don’t skip over the videos.

When you purchase the program, you also receive some bonuses:

  • Flat Belly Detox Formula
  • Anti-Aging Workout DVD
  • Arthritis Reverse eBook
  • Paleo Cookbook


Flat Belly Overnight is a great solution for a quick fix. It’s also a great option if you’re injured but still want to workout and keep your fat burning going. The program is maintainable, but you may want to switch up the different foods to ensure a program that is easy to follow. However, at least now you have the information and foundation needed to make wise choices within your diet.

If you’re ready to kick start your health and start seeing results immediately, you need to try the Flat Belly Overnight. It’s an excellent way to give you an extra dose of fat burning elements along with the motivation needed to continue thriving towards this new, healthy path of yours. The system is very easy to follow, and if you find it isn’t for you, you can also opt for a refund with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. However, with such an easy yet quality template, I highly doubt you’ll be opting for your money back.


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Ejaculation By Command Review

Ejaculation By Command Review

Ejaculation By Command is a program that is designed to help men with one of the most common issues that they suffer with in the bedroom – premature ejaculation.

This can be a very frustrating problem, for both a man and his partner. If he climaxes too quickly, sex can be over before it even really begins and his partner can be left incredibly unsatisfied. If this lasts a while, it can negatively affect a relationship. If it happens to a single man who is trying to date, he might feel self conscious and ashamed and might avoid dating or trying to meet new people.

Ejaculation by Command is a program that helps you to develop natural control of your arousal, so that you can overcome premature ejaculation. It contains 135 pages of helpful information and techniques, that you can use to clearly address the problem.

Imagine how much your sex life would improve if you knew that you would never experience premature ejaculation again? So, is this a good book to rely on to improve your sex life and cure your premature ejaculation? Let’s take a closer look at this book so that you can determine whether or not it is the right choice for you.

About Ejaculation By Command

The Ejaculaion by Command program was written for anyone who suffers from premature ejaculation and is having issues with this problem in their life. It contains 135 pages of very useful information and techniques and it is also easy to read and gives you a clear program that you can follow along with.

The book starts by explaining premature ejaculation and what it is, as well as explaining why it happens. Then, it goes into training exercises that you can use to improve the way your mental and physical control works. You’ll learn how to focus and control the moment of your climax, so that you will never ejaculate too quickly again.

Another one of the interesting aspects of this book is that it comes with a lot of bonus materials that offer you even more information so that you can improve your sex life. The package includes a report on Raunchy Sex Secrets, a book on Female Sex Secrets, a section on G-Spot Orgasm Secrets and much more. There is even a video that explains how to blow a woman’s mind with sensational oral sex.

how to last longer in bed naturally video

About The Author of Ejaculation By Command

The author of this program is a man named Lloyd Lester. He first started writing about sex and dating nearly a decade ago and he is older than the average sex coach, so he has had a lot of experience and learned a lot over the years. He is also writing from his own experience as he used to suffer from premature ejaculation himself. He has learned a lot over the years that has helped him, so he wanted to share his thoughts with his readers.

Summary of Ejaculation By Command

So, what will you learn when you download this book? First of all, it will go into an explanation of some of the main theories as to why premature ejaculation happens, so that you can figure out why this issue is happening to you.

Then, it will explain to you how you can practice alone in order to control your arousal levels. You’ll learn how to understand where your “point of no return” is and how you can keep yourself from orgasming when you don’t want to. Then, it contains exercises that you can do with your partner as well, including positions that you can use. It breaks down all of the techniques in an easy to follow, step by step guide.

The program also contains some information about foreplay and oral sex, which you can use to focus on your partner and ensure their pleasure, so that you can make sure they have a satisfying time in bed with you.

There are also other techniques that you can use, including breathing techniques and more. It explains that distracting yourself by trying to think about something not sexual is not really a good technique – instead it’s better to focus your mind on the right kind of body sensations.

There is also a section in the book about the right kind of food that you should be eating to improve your performance, which is something that most other books may not include.

how to delay ejaculation and last longer

Benefits of Ejaculation by Command

One of the main benefits of this program is that it features only safe and natural techniques, rather than risky pills or supplements. This means that you don’t have to worry about dangerous side effects as a result of treating your ejaculation issues.

The book promises to teach you how to last up to 30 minutes in bed and give your partner mind blowing orgasms, which will of course improve the quality and excitement in your sex life. It will also teach you physical and mental exercises that you can use to get over your PE anxiety.

Another one of the advantages of this book is that it comes with an audio companion as well, so if you want to download the book to listen to it instead of reading it, you have that option.


Experiencing premature ejaculation can be very frustrating and embarrassing for a man. It can make him feel like he is less manly and it can make his sexual encounters unsatisfying for himself and his partner. It can also cause issues in the relationship and have a serious negative effect on self esteem.

The Ejaculation By Command program promises to solve all of your sexual woes and help you to last much longer in bed than you ever thought you could. The best thing about this program is that it comes with a money back guarantee – so if you try it out and it doesn’t work for you, then you can get your money back within the first 60 days no questions asked. This means that there really is no problem in giving the program a try.


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Flow State Training Review

Flow State Training Review

Flow State Training teaches you how to use your mind to become the best at whatever it is that you do. Perhaps you play a sport professionally or just for fun, or have a skill that you want to be better at. Learning how to hack your mind can eliminate fear, increase performance, enhance longevity and channel your inner champion. Just think about boxers or MMA fighters for a second – do you really think they step into that ring without psyching their minds up? Absolutely not. The same can be said about any athlete or any performer. The average person can’t step on a rink in front of 10,000 people for one reason only – they haven’t used the proper mind techniques to train their mind. Well, today that’s all about to change because that’s exactly what Flow State Training teaches you.

What is the Flow State Training Program About?

We can all relate to the term, “being in the zone” and that’s precisely what hacking the flow state means.  It’s about narrowing in your attention to improve your performance by 300% – 500%. For some, this might be eliminating the fear of getting into a boxing match with an undefeated champ or stepping onto a field, court or rink in front of thousands of fans. For others, it might be simply eliminating the fear of crowds or boardroom meetings. Whatever it is, there’s no denying the power behind using your mind to achieve greatness.

That’s what Flow State Training teaches you how to do. It trains you on the very things the best performers, athletes and professionals use to become and to remain the best.  And as you can image, when it comes to training your mind, a lot is involved and for that reason, Flow State Training is an exceptionally comprehensive program that hits all targets. It’s broken down into various sections to ensure easy and enjoyable reading. I’ll elaborate on these in just a minute but for now, here’s a sneak peek:

  1. The Superhuman Code
  2. Master the Superhuman Code
  3. Elite Flow Program
  4. The 9 Components Meditation
  5. The Instant Flow Meditation
  6. Flow State Wall Charts
  7. The Flow State Manual

mental preparation techniques in sport

The good stuff doesn’t end there either! You also receive several bonus tutorials at absolutely no extra charge to you which include:

  • 7 Video Tutorials on Flow State
  • Flow Chain Tutorials
  • Instant Flow Quick Guide
  • Movement Meditation

Everything is provided to you online so there’s no need to wait around for shipping. You simply log in, download the content onto the tech device of your choice (highly recommend a portable device such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop so you can train on the go), and you’re ready to take your skill to the next level.

Now, if you don’t think the brain has that much power, you can use the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that comes with Flow State Training to find out for yourself.

Who is the Creator of Flow State Training Program?

Wilson Meloncelli, a stunt performer, coach and former British MMA champion, is the creator of Flow State Training. Just look at his accomplishments and you can see why he has mastered the power of training the mind to increase performance, stamina, and all that good stuff.

Quick Summary of the Flow State Training Program

Flow State Training is the ultimate program for your mind, designed to teach you how to use specifically designed meditations to “hack the flow state”. It involves various types of training and courses, all of which are provided to you online as soon as you purchase.

To give you a better understanding of the program, here’s a breakdown of the different courses:

The Superhuman Code

The Superhuman Code combines ancient techniques with modern day knowledge to help you tap into your subconscious mind to channel transient Hypofrontality. This is the secret code that makes instant flow meditation so powerful.

Master the Superhuman Code

Master the Superhuman Code coincides with the previous course, as it’s all about the superhuman code. However, this section elaborates on what you just learned and helps you master the process, which is taught to you through 12 detailed videos, 10 flow meditations, and a 42-page guide.

Elite Flow Program

Elite Flow Program is where you will physically drive your attention into “The Deep Now” which is the state of heightened focus, often referred to by many as “being in the zone”

The 9 Components Meditation

The 9 Components Meditation course teaches you how to hack into your past experiences and how to use these experiences to trigger a powerful flow meditation.

how to get in the zone for sports

The Instant Flow Meditation

The Instant Flow Meditation course is where you’ll find the 3-Step Formula that allows you to quickly hack into your flow anytime.

Flow State Wall Charts

Flow State Wall Charts is where you’ll find all the training wall charts needed to narrow your attention in on the quality of your intention and training.

The Flow State Manual

The Flow State Manual is a 44-page ebook that explains the science behind this revolutionary system. It also has an abundance of helpful tips and tricks to hacking the flow.

The Flow State Tutorials

The Flow State Tutorials are 7 video tutorials that teach you how to be in the moment while performing. By doing so, you’re able to channel the power of your practice. It’s the same process traditional Monks used back in the day.

Flow Chain Tutorials

The Flow Chain Tutorials take you deeper into hacking the flow and more importantly, how to stay with it once you’ve found it. It’s highly focused on the autonomic nervous systems linked to flow, and it also teaches you how to use it to your advantage through heart rate variability.

Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation incorporates practical training with everything you’ve learned throughout the program. It’s all about physical movements and it also comes with 4 extra powerful tools to accelerate the process.

The Verdict

Add in the various bonuses you receive for free, and you’re set up for once hell of a transformation. The best part? Since Flow State Training is online, you can unleash your optimal performance right now. So, what are you waiting for?


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Secret Survey Review

Secret Survey Review

The Secret Survey is a fascinating relationship course that looks at male psychology in a very interesting way. It has been developed by a famous relationship expert and it promises to give readers a new perspective on relationships and love.

The program promises to teach women how to know when the men in their lives are lying to them or telling the truth. It also promises to break down the reasons why men mislead the women that they love and how to create a healthy, lifelong relationship. This book is for any woman, whether she is just in the beginning stages of a relationship or is in a long-term relationship that has started to go stale.

So, what is the Secret Survey program really like and will it be a good investment for your long-term happiness? Here are some of the ways that the Secret Survey program can help you to achieve a healthy and happy long-term relationship and understand the man in your life. Let’s take a deeper look at what this program has inside.

About Secret Survey

One thing to know about the Secret Survey program is that it is written for women and women only. Men, this program isn’t for you – although there are a lot of other dating and relationship guides out there targeted towards men.

This program is for women and it explains everything you need to know about relationships and men. It is based on 8 different lessons that will explain to you everything you need to know in order to understand your man a lot better.

Of course, there is no way to guarantee that this program will work on every man in the world no matter what. There may be a man who will just not fall in love with you no matter what you do – perhaps for reasons of his own that have nothing to do with you. The program is not a magic potion or a love spell, it’s just something that you can use to improve your understanding of relationships and the male psyche and make your partner more likely to fall in love with you.

how to understand guy's behavior

About The Author Behind Secret Survey

Michael Fiore is well known for being an expert in the dating and relationship niche. He is funny, honest and blunt and he tells the truth about what men think. He is the founder of Digital Romance Inc. This website offers a lot of resources about relationships and romance that help people to address the problems that they have in relationships.

Some of the other books that he has written include Text Your Ex Back, Text the Romance Back, Crack the Girl Code, Oral Fixation and more. He has also written a lot online about how to use text messages to make your partner fall in love with you. He is happily married and lives in Seattle, Washington.

Summary of Secret Survey

What are some of the things you will learn from this relationship program? The program promises to offer you a lot of insights into the male mind so that you can understand some of the “secrets” that he is not telling you.

For example, you will learn about the most common reasons men lie to women, the reason why they stop complimenting their partners, how to tell if he really loves you and why he looks at other women. The book even promises to teach you why men cheat, what your appearance means to them, what they want sexually and much more.

The material is presented over a 30 day period, with each section of the program being unlocked after the one prior to it has been completed. Michael Fiore designed the program this way because he believed that if women had access to the entire program all at once they will do through the sections too quickly and miss some of the most important points along the way. So, the program is designed to make you go through it one step at a time, to make sure that it is done right.

how to understand a guy's mixed signals

Benefits of Secret Survey

What are the advantages to the Secret Survey program? First of all, the instructions are incredibly easy to follow, so anyone will be able to implement them in their own life. The author does a great job of explaining them in a simple and straightforward way. The materials are presented in a wide range of ways, including audio, video and much more.

Plus, the information is really straightforward and practical. At the end of every chapter of the program, there will be a summary that comes with exercises which will help you to improve your relationship with your man. You will get practical tips and techniques that you can use right then and there.

Secondly, one of the other beneficial aspects of this program is that it also allows every woman who has purchased the program the ability to comment and post questions and answers on the content. This will allow you to learn from other women who are in the same situation and reach out to ask questions or offer support. Plus, the author Michael Fiore has been know to check in occasionally and post answers to questions as well.


If you are curious about this program and want to give it a try, the good news is that it comes with a money back guarantee. Michael is so confident about the success rate of this program that he will offer you a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

That means that anyone can try the Secret Survey program for 60 days and if it doesn’t work for them, they can get their money back completely no questions asked. That’s the great thing about this program – you can try it absolutely for free with no hassle or risk. If it works for you, this might be the beginning of a much happier relationship and a future filled with love and commitment.


downlload secret survey PDF

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Bar Brothers Workout System Review

Bar Brothers Workout System Review

The Bar Brothers Workout System is for anyone who want to achieve a strong, ripped, athletic body by using nothing but their own bodyweight. This system will teach you how to do awesome street athlete moves so that you can show off your strength.

This course gets a lot of high reviews because it is detailed, well structured and there is not a lot of fluff or time wasting. It gets to the point and is very results-focused, which is helpful. So, is this the right fitness training product for you? Is the world of street workouts where you want to take your fitness training – or does this training regime not match your fitness style?

Let’s take a deep dive into the Bar Brothers Workout System and see what this program has to offer.

About Bar Brothers Workout System

The Bar Brothers program is a series of workouts that will allow you to improve your flexibility and strength and build muscle – without having to use any equipment or lift any weights. All of the exercises use your own body weight and the only thing you will need is a chin up bar, which you can usually find in your own local park.

It is a detailed workout plan that is easy to follow and beginner friendly and it will not only help you build muscle, but it will assist you in building character as well. You’ll start to feel more confident about your body and you will achieve the level of fitness that you always wanted.

The only thing that this program lacks is nutrition advice – it doesn’t really go into how you can improve your fitness with your diet. There is a little bit of information about post-workout shakes and body types, but it isn’t the main focus of the program. However, there are a lot of other diet guides out there so you will likely be able to find other information to supplement it with.

Of course, it’s very important to keep in mind that nothing happens without effort. So, if you want to see serious results from this system you are going to have to put the effort in and be disciplined. Nothing good ever came easy, so it’s very important to stick to the program.

build muscle lose fat workout

About The Creators Behind Bar Brothers Workout System

The creators of this program are two guys called Dusan and Lazar. If you take a look at photos of them, you can see that they practice what they preach and they are in VERY good shape. If their bodies are a testament to what this program can do, then it is very effective!

They are both from Serbia, but they didn’t meet until they were both living in the USA. Dusan found Lazar on YouTube and he was very much impressed by the results of his training. They met and they clicked, so then Lazar started to teach Dusan his methods. The techniques really worked, so they decided to develop them into a program that would help others to achieve their fitness goals.

Summary of The Bar Brothers System

The Bar Brothers Workout System is a complete transformation system that will help you to achieve your goals within 12 weeks. The course begins with a series of videos, which cover the introduction, a small amount of nutritional info (but that’s not the focus) and detailed calisthenics workout plans that you can follow along with for every day of the 12 week plan. All of the workouts are very easy to understand and you will know exactly what you should be doing and when you should be doing it.

Plus, you’ll also get a 13 page PDF that you can print and use to keep track of your workouts. Having something on paper that you can follow along with and mark down really helps you to stay motivated!

how to gain muscle mass for skinny people

Benefits of The Bar Brothers Workout System

One of the great things about this system is that you will be able to follow along with the exercises anywhere. You don’t even need a gym – there are bars everywhere such as in public parks – so you can use those to get the exercise that you need. Also, you can do press ups in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to pay for an expensive gym membership.

Plus, another interesting advantage of this program is that it isn’t just about making your body more beautiful. It’s also about completely overhauling your inner self, so that you can improve your self-confidence, well-being and your outlook on life.

Another huge perk of this system is that it comes with a lot of community support. You will be able to connect with many of the other Bar Brothers members and get advice and support from them, which will be very helpful as you continue on your journey.

Also, the program is very results oriented and straightforward – there isn’t a lot of fluff. This course is perfect for beginners who haven’t got a lot of experience with bodybuilding and muscle gain. It will explain which muscle groups to train, how to train them, how often to train them and how much to rest your body between sets. It will tell you everything you need to know, so you can feel confident in your training plans.


Of course, it’s important to know that this system isn’t a magic pill solution – you get what you put into it. If you work hard, you’ll get great results. But what if it isn’t right for you? There’s no need to worry about that, because of the reassuring fact that you will be able to get your money back in the first 60 days no questions asked.

This means that you can feel free to access the Bar Brothers Workout System and give it a try, with no commitment. If it doesn’t work for you, then just ask for the refund. There’s no reason not to give this program a try – especially if you dream of having a leaner, stronger and more powerful physique.


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Anabolic Reload Review

Anabolic Reload Review

Anabolic Reload is an online fitness regime designed for men over the age of 30. It’s based on breakthrough bodybuilding research that has shown full body workouts three days a week to have the ability to build more muscle than exercising one or two body parts 4-6 days per week. In other words, instead of focusing on workouts that put an intense amount of pressure on one specific part of your body each day of the week, you’ll be alleviating the pressure by completing detailed workouts that target your entire body while still see the same – if not better results. And for obvious reasons, you can see why Anabolic Reload is ideal for men over the age of 30.

What is Anabolic Reload?

Gone are the days of putting an insane amount of pressure on your aging joints, bones, and body all in an effort to get a ripped and sculpted body. Sure, doing so will likely provide results but it’ll also provide you with an incredible amount of pain – or worse, injury.

Anabolic Reload is an online program that caters to men over the age of 30; men who want to have a ripped, sculpted body but that don’t want to risk their safety in order to do so. The entire system is based on breakthrough research revealing that men who perform full body workouts experienced greater muscle gains than those who train a specific body part per day.

However, what may surprise you is that not only will you no longer be targeting a specific part of your body for every day you work out but also, you will no longer be lifting heavy weights or spending hours at the gym.

Anabolic Reload isn’t about lifting the heaviest weights possible but rather, it’s about maximizing out your muscle fiber expansion – all types of muscle fiber. And how do you do that, you ask? Through full-body workouts.

There was once a time where it was through that slow-twitch fibers were for endurance, whereas fast-twitch muscle fibers were for strength. Thus, many people looking to build muscle only focused on expanding their fat-twist muscle fibers. However, it’s been discovered that by increasing the quantity of both fibers, you can achieve larger muscle mass without the need to put a massive amount of pressure on your muscles, which certainly isn’t ideal as you begin to age.

I will explain all of this more in just a moment but first, let’s take a look at what you receive when you purchase Anabolic Reload. Everything is broken down into three different eBooks which are:

  • The Main Program
  • Size Surge Workouts
  • X-treme Lean Nutrition Manual
Anabolic Reload's Table of Contents

The table of contents for Steve Holman’s Anabolic Reload Program

All three eBooks (portions of the program) are online, so you just have to download the content onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and get started. It only requires a couple of clicks, so if you aren’t a computer-guy, no worries.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which provides you with a decent amount of time to learn about the system and to see what it can do for you. Certainly, you’ll discover that working out smarter is the way to go.

About the Authors Behind Anabolic Reload Program

There are two men behind the Anabolic Reload; Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson. Steve is a well-known bodybuilding figure, a best-selling fitness author, and the editor-in-chief for Iron Man Magazine for the past 25 years. He is also the creator of the program.

Jonathan, on the other hand, is a 58-year-old bodybuilder who uses – and endorses the program. He is a real guy with real results which is definitely a plus.

A Brief Overview of Anabolic Reload Program

As promised, let’s dissect the Anabolic Reload a little further to help you have a better understanding of how it works and what it can do for your body. Take a look at the different topics and workout regimes included in the 4-week fitness program, along with what you’ll find in the size surge workouts and nutritional guide provided:

The Main Program

  • Chapter 1: Max Growth Fiber Activation for Major Mass Creation
  • Chapter 2: Study 1: High Rep First Mass Burst
  • Chapter 3: Study 2: Muscle Training Frequency
  • Chapter 4: Study 3: The Anabolic Switch
  • Chapter 5: Three Keys for Freaky Hypertrophy
  • Chapter 6: Hypertrophic Progression
  • Chapter 7: The Program’s Regime
  • Chapter 8: Old School, New Muscle: The Over-40 STX Workout
  • Chapter 9: Reload for Ultimate Mass

gaining muscle after 50

Size Surge Workouts

  • Chapter 1: Revving Up For Radical Results
  • Chapter 2: Recharge Your Anabolic Drive
  • Chapter 3: The Incredible Colorado Experiment
  • Chapter 4: Phase 1: Your Primer Program
  • Chapter 5: Phase 2: Multi-Angular Mass Blast
  • Chapter 6: The Mass 4X Workout: Phase 2 Density for New Muscle Immensity
  • Chapter 7: Eat to Grow
  • Chapter 8: Serious Size Surge Supplements
  • Chapter 9: The 7 Sacred Rules of Packing on Muscle Weight
  • Chapter 10: David Rylah: High Intensity Thunder Down Under

X-Treme Lean Nutritional Guide

  • Chapter 1: Eat More, Lose Fat
  • Chapter 2: No Carb, Low Carb or Slow Carb?
  • Chapter 3: X-Citing Transformations
  • Chapter 4: Cheat Your Way to Leanness
  • Chapter 5: X-Treme Lean Diets
  • Chapter 6: Feminine X-ploits
  • Chapter 7: X-Treme Lean Nutrients
  • Chapter 8: X-Treme Lean Training
  • Chapter 9: X-Treme Lean Q&A

You also receive two bonus programs at no extra charge to you, which are The Bodyweight Edition and 101 All Natural Testosterone Boosters.

The Verdict

Everyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from following this bodybuilding technique as it’s about maxing out your muscle fiber expansion through full body workouts to build larger muscles. However, Anabolic Reload has selected a 4-week fitness regime that works specifically for men over the age of 30. Though, it’s definitely not an “old man’s” workout. You will be sweating and you will be working. The only difference is that you’ll be doing so through full body workouts that are designed to activate both of your muscle fibers. And if you still aren’t sure if you can get ripped like you were back in the old days, you have that 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to rely on if need be.


Download Anabolic Reload PDF

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Dr. Lee Baucom’s Save The Marriage System Review

Dr. Lee Baucom’s Save The Marriage System Review

Dr. Lee Baucom’s Save The Marriage System is a well-respected set of eBooks and titles which guarantees to create a connection again in even the coldest of marriages. Lee Baucom is a specialist in proven marriage therapy techniques. Having worked in the field for many years, Lee has helped hundreds of thousands of couples to rekindle their original desires for each other by implementing some of the techniques within Save The Marriage System’s chapters.

Initially, Lee seeks to explain the reasons why he has found that traditional marriage guidance, something which he himself has practised, is not always the best solution. Controversially, he explains that although there is an undeniable need for effective communication within a successful marriage, sometimes it is not the most important factor.

Why Is It Popular?

Dr. Baucom’s work is popular for three main reasons; the most important one being that it works. If you apply each of the principles laid out within its pages, you will stay married.

Secondly, people respect Lee’s honesty. Despite having worked as a marriage guidance counselor, Lee enlightens us that most marriage therapists have little expertise in helping a troubled marriage. They have learned to counsel individuals and kind of tacked marital counseling on to their repertoire; resulting in applying outdated, ineffective strategies that were never intended to help truly troubled marriages. He explains in no uncertain terms that even the best marriage counselors see a success rate of only 20%, which he compares to a surgical procedure: “If surgery was that risky, it would be outlawed!”

Because he genuinely cared about his clients and wanted to see things improve within their marriages, he began to develop strategies that were modern and effective, rather than following the guidance he had been given, which rarely resulted in making the marriage better. People who are in a desperate situation and want to save their marriage may have tried traditional counseling and see Lee’s program as a new opportunity.

Finally, Lee’s ‘Save The Marriage System‘ is popular because he is a doctor of psychology, meaning that his theories explicated throughout the book’s pages are linked to years of research and experience with how people’s minds work. Despite Dr. Lee rejecting some of the principles of marriage guidance, his length of service working with people ensures that his principles are underpinned by proven facts, which he has seen unfold over time.

how to save my marriage

Symptom of society

Lee acknowledges the society we live in today; evolving and fast paced. Things have changed dramatically over the years, including the foundations that used to hold society together; marriage being one of them. As divorce rates rise, many people do not consider marriage to be the commitment that it used to be. Often referred to as a disposable society, many couples think they can ‘bail’ at the first sign of an issue within marriages.

Baucom encourages people to remember the traditional value of marriage, which includes how we view problems. If there is an obstacle in your marriage, you should not see it as the beginning of the end but rather something that you both need o work on in order to improve. It sounds simple, and in some ways it is: marriage is a valuable commitment, which is why you would even be considering purchasing this vital relationship saving guide. In fact, Lee introduces readers to the concept of using crisis as part of recovery within a marriage. What this means is that overcoming this period of indecision, bad communication and lack of cohesion will ultimately make you stronger as a couple.

Just as society changes, however, Lee addresses the changing marital landscape and seeks to offer opportunities to grow and evolve with the times. No relationship will be successful if it’s allowed to stagnate, so keeping things fresh is a key part of enjoying watching one another grow.

The ‘Save The Marriage’ Program

Within the chapters of Save The Marriage System, Lee seeks to address the multitude of control issues that can arise in marriages; creating power struggles. With guidance, you will see how to avoid escalating things, which only serves to exacerbate the problems.

Many similar relationship guidance programs assume there is a holy grail of one “path” back to marital satisfaction. What Baucom reveals is that there are 8 distinct paths and each one must use different strategies. What is a key component of one stage may be destructive at another. Therefore each stage has a unique path that best resolves the crises.

You will learn how to determine exactly which stage of marriage crisis you are facing. After you do this, you are infinitely better prepared to move forward and begin the healing and progress, implementing the effective guidance and tried and tested strategies Lee presents within Save The Marriage System. In this respect the book contains elements of personalization, which again are not present within other guides available.

Overall, Baucom gives a clearer understanding of the myriad issues that many marriages face today. He balances this with steps on the application of a method to help you understand the psychology that is at work both as individuals and within the marriage itself. This program is one that is extremely beneficial to people who are committed to redressing the balance and are prepared to put their own effort in.

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What’s Included?

In addition to the main guide in Save The Marriage System, Lee includes four modules, which actually can be started before the main manual. The first one is a crisis management module entitled Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Your Partner Wants Out. For many couples, this is the starting point in the process; offering damage limitations. The Quick Start Guide to Saving Your Marriage is a reference guide, helping you to establish at what ‘stage of crisis’ you are. This means that when you embark on the main modules, you know where to begin, and how to elect for the most relevant path to salvation.

After the main module, The Down N Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage basically gives a step-by-step guide much like the strategies Lee would give in person.

In addition, there are 2 bonus guides, available as audio books, a report entitled Rules For Fair Fighting and Change of Heart authored by a couple who have survived and flourished after bordering on divorce: Paul and Jennifer Thibeault.

The Save The Marriage System is definitely a worthy investment that will save your marriage and revive back to its blissful and happy moments!


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7 Minute Mindfulness Review

7 Minute Mindfulness Review

7 Minute Mindfulness is like the first-aid kit for mental health. Numerous studies have proven this traditional zen technique to have mind-blowing – pardon the pun – benefits for everyone and anyone, particularly those suffering from a mental illness, disease or daily stress. Unfortunately, a lot of people associate mindfulness with yogis, hippies, and monks. Sure, those are the three groups of individuals who seem to be the only ones who weren’t swooned by pharmaceuticals over the years, but mindfulness can be used by everyone and has been used by all types of people from all walks of life for many centuries. And no, there’s no need to chant some weird voodoo script or ohm your way to a spiritual land. You just have to sit back, relax, listen, and release.

What is the 7 Minute Mindfulness Program About?

Mindfulness is the process of bringing attention to your surroundings; body; mind; intentions; goals, etc. to induce a state of relaxation. It’s a form of meditation that has proven to have many benefits, such as the power to:

  • Increase immune function
  • Lower heart rate
  • Increase brain functioning
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Improve clarity
  • Decrease irritability and negativity
  • Improve insomnia
  • Alleviate Stress
  • Improve relationships
  • Increase productivity

… And that’s only to name a few.

However, 7 Minute Mindfulness isn’t just mindfulness. Instead, the program has incorporated three powerful relaxation techniques – meditation, relaxation music and binaural tones – into the system to create a robust approach to activating your body’s natural relaxation response. Since we just went over the benefits of meditation, let’s look at relaxation music and binaural beats.

guided meditation for beginners

Relaxation music is exactly what it sounds like – soothing music that has been proven to decrease stress hormones. Binaural tones, on the other hand, is the process of playing different frequencies in each of your ears to trigger a positive response in the brain. It’s been proven to rewire the brain and relax the mind and requires nothing from you other than for you to sit back and listen.

But no one wants to listen to weird tones playing in their ears. So, 7 Minute Mindfulness has infused the relaxation music with the beats. You don’t hear them, but you certainly feel the benefits afterward. Add in guided meditation, and you have a powerful mindfulness practice that incorporates three of the best relaxation techniques.

This unique approach is added into every portion of the program – from the audio files to the written files, and everything in between. What is that, you ask?

7 Minute Mindfulness comes with 10 different meditation audio files and a written mindfulness guide. The audio files are specific to tackling different intentions, such as:

  • Body Scan
  • Turning Anxiety into Love
  • Mind-Body Relaxation
  • Delta Sleep Audio
  • A Tranquil Journey
  • Find Your Calm
  • Declutter and Create Space
  • A Calmer Breath
  • Three Part Breathing
  • Boat Ride of Calm

As for the written meditation guide, I’ll explain that further in just a moment. For now, it’s worth mentioning that the entire system is online which means you can get started right away. There’s no need to pay, wait or stress over shipping. Simply download the content onto your tech devices and start harnessing the power of mindfulness.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you aren’t sure if you’re ready to de-stress your life and find your inner peace, this option is there for you.

Who are the Creators of 7 Minute Mindfulness?

Unlike many other programs, 7 Minute Mindfulness wasn’t created by some famous guru who was paid millions to promote it. Instead, it was created by two guys just like you and I – Greg Thurston and Scott Mason. Nope, they aren’t monks, yogis or hippies either. They just wanted to find a natural way to overcome their struggles. So, they conducted an extensive amount of research on how the brain works according to modern science, as well as traditional zen techniques and – you guessed it, this system was founded.

Brief Overview of the 7 Minute Mindfulness Program

The audio files are quite self-explanatory just by looking at the title. So, let’s go over the written guide to give you a better understanding of what you receive when you start this mindful program.

Here is a glimpse at the topics covered in the written guide:

  • The long and winding story of mindfulness
  • Meet your breath
  • How to breathe mindfully
  • The first mindful breathing exercise
  • The mind-body connection
  • The deep muscle massage technique
  • Rumination, anxiety, and letting go
  • Defusing negative self-judgment
  • 5-minute mindfulness exercise for anxiety
  • The positivity infuser
  • Affirmations and vision boards
  • Mantras
  • The power of music
  • Mindfulness for a better sleep
  • Melodies that sink your mind into sleep
  • Are you being bullied by your emotions?
  • Mindfulness for healing
  • Eating and drinking mindfully
  • Morning checklist for a mindful life
  • Journaling
  • Becoming an effortless Zen master

mindfulness meditation exercises

As a reminder, the 10-session audio files tackle:

  • Session 1: Body Scan
  • Session 2: Boat Ride of Calm
  • Session 3: Three Part Breathing
  • Session 4: A Calmer Breath
  • Session 5: Declutter and Create Space
  • Session 6: Find Your Calm
  • Session 7: A Tranquil Journey
  • Session 8: Delta Sleep Audio
  • Session 9: Turning Anxiety into Love and Joy
  • Session 10: Mind-Body Relaxation

And as a bonus, you receive the following programs at no extra charge to you:

  • Your Little Book of Mindfulness Exercises
  • The Mindful Millionaire Formula
  • Your Ultimate Love Life Plan


Put all of that together, and nothing is going to take away your zen. 7 Minute Mindfulness doesn’t just teach you one mindfulness technique and send you on your way. It teaches you one technique that is infused with three powerful relaxation practices to ensure an optimal experience that can certainly come with many benefits. It may involve no more than 7 minutes a day, but it’s 7 minutes that have hours of research and expertise put into it – and 7 minutes that have the potential to change your entire life just by training your brain to activate your body’s natural relaxation response.

And as the saying goes, “it’s mind over matter,” and 7 Minute Mindfulness puts that theory to the test.

Also, don’t forget that you also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, there’s no harm in trying to find your inner peace via this system. You just can’t go wrong.


Download 7 Minute Mindfulness PDF

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Celby Richoux’s The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook Review

Celby Richoux's The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook Review

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is the one cookbook that needs to be in every household. You don’t even have to be following the ketogenic diet because the recipes included are absolutely scrumptious… Which is quite unheard of from a weight loss diet or rather, a lifestyle diet. After all, we’ve all been tricked into thinking that the only way to lose weight is to eat nothing but lettuce for every meal of the day and to work out like a dog. But Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is here to change that. Here’s everything you need to know about cooking up a keto fat burning recipe in your home.

About The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

At first glance, Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook may look like nothing more than a cookbook but don’t be mistaken. While the main emphasis is certainly on the 148 recipes that follow the principles of the ketogenic diet, it is much more like a cookbook to a healthy, slimmer lifestyle.

How is that so, you ask?

Within the appetizing pages of this online cookbook, you’re provided with various chapters that have all types of healthy eating tips and information, such as:

  • What is Ketosis?
  • High-Carb Foods to Avoid
  • Spices, Sauces and Condiment Recommendations
  • Hydration and You
  • Cravings Decoded
  • Social Pressure

Each recipe also provides with you all the dietary information you need about that each recipe, such as the number of calories, what the ratio of that meal should be, carbs, total fat, fiber, protein – you name it. So, to say this cookbook is just like any other cookbook would be a serious understatement.

the ultimate ketogenic diet cookbook free download

Now, you may be wondering where the “Bacon & Butter” part of it comes in. Well, prepare to be shocked because there are tons of healthy recipes that include these two delicious ingredients – two ingredients that are almost always left out of other healthy regimes. It’s all about ratios and rations which, as mentioned, you learn about well throughout the pages of this online cookbook.

What may also surprise you is that you aren’t just provided with a handful of recipes for lunch and dinner, but are then left to figure out your breakfast and snacks on your own. Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook covers every meal and every craving which can be seen simply by looking at the different categories:

  • Bacon and Beyond Breakfast
  • Super Rich Smoothies and Shakes
  • Sumptuous Snacks
  • Sneaky Keto Classics
  • Fishy Favorites
  • Perfect Poultry
  • Meaty Mains
  • Delightful Desserts
  • Kitchen Staples: Condiments, Sauces, and Dressings

Put all of that together and you have a comprehensive cookbook that caters to your healthy aspirations and your desire for delicious flavors.

It’s also worth mentioning that the entire cookbook is online. So, you can start cooking up a storm right away. This is actually a huge benefit because you don’t have to find space to stuff another large book in your cupboard but you have the recipes you need whenever and wherever you go, as you simply download the cookbook onto the tech device of your choice. Having the cookbook in digital format also makes it exceptionally easier to find the recipes you want.

It also saves you on shipping and ink cartridges! Plus, you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you can essentially try all of the delicious keto recipes completely risk-free.

About the Author of The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

The cookbook was created by Celby Richoux, but what may surprise you is that she isn’t some famous fitness guru that was paid to make this product. Instead, she’s just like you and I. After suffering from exhaustion, weight gain and all the mental, physical, and emotion discomforts that follow a bad diet, she tried the high fat, low carb principles. Once she saw results, you started cooking up her own scrumptious concoctions and well, here we are.

Quick Summary of The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Let me give you a breakdown of what you receive in this comprehensive keto cookbook, along with some examples of the type of meals you’ll be cooking up so you can see just how delicious your life is about to become.

easy keto recipes

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook has 148 recipes which are broken down into different categories for easy reading and finding:

  • 18 Breakfast Recipes
  • 14 Smoothie Recipes
  • 20 Snack Recipes
  • 15 Keto Classic Recipes
  • 15 Seafood Recipes
  • 20 Chicken Recipes
  • 20 Beef, Pork and Lamb Recipes
  • 12 Dessert Recipes

To give you an idea of some of the things you’ll be cooking up, here’s a list of some of my favourites:

  • Bacon, eggs and cheese cups
  • Bacon-wrapped asparagus and eggs
  • Waffles with whipped cream
  • Buttered coffee shake
  • Vanilla shake
  • Bacon deviled eggs
  • Buffalo chicken dip
  • Jalapeno poppers
  • Zucchini lasagna
  • Spaghetti squash and meatballs
  • Cheese flatbread
  • Double chocolate brownies
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Zucchini muffins
  • Buffalo chicken wings
  • Curried chicken

The Verdict

Gone are the days of searching the internet for hours on end trying to find bearable ketogenic recipes. Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook provides you with all the recipes you need – 148 to be exact, and yes, they are all insanely delicious.

Add in the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that you receive when you purchase the cookbook and the only thing you have to lose is a diet that makes you eat tasteless, boring foods that make weight loss seem even more unbearable. When you eat what you like, you love your new lifestyle and those are the keys to finding a healthy regime that you can stick with which ultimately leads to sustainable weight loss. The best part? The pounds keep coming off because you don’t feel the need to cheat! It’s good. Oh, it’s real good.

… I could go on for days but this list likely made you super hungry and eager to start cooking up a storm with this cookbook. So, I’ll let you get to it!


Download Celby Richoux's The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook PDF

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Ancient ED Fix Review

Ancient ED Fix Review

The Ancient ED Fix System is a program that promises to fix one of the issues that many men worry about a lot – Erectile Dysfunction. It’s actually quite a common problem and it can have a serious impact on the life of a man.

Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction experience low self-esteem, frustration, lack of confidence in the bedroom and sometimes even depression. Many men place their identity and their feels of self-worth on their ability to be a “man” and to perform in the bedroom with a rock hard erection. When this doesn’t happen, they feel ashamed, embarrassed and unhappy. It can also be incredibly damaging to their relationships, as their partners can become frustrated.

So, what can be done about ED? Many men turn to pills, injections, treatments and surgery, but there is always the risk of side effects. However, the Ancient ED Fix program promises to offer a solution that avoids this, as it is all natural. The program claims to originate from natural secrets that men have been using for thousands of years to improve their virility.

What is the Ancient ED Fix and what is it all about? Let’s take a closer look at this program and see what it has to offer so that you can consider whether or not it is the best erectile dysfunction treatment for you.

About Ancient ED Fix

The Ancient ED program is all about Erectile Dysfunction and how you can cure it in a natural way. Have you ever suffered from not being able to get hard at the crucial moment? Is it affecting your self-esteem and your relationships? If this sounds like your situation, then this program might be for you.

Of course, this is a natural program so it is important to consider that it might take a bit longer for the results to take effect. If you are looking for something that will give you an instant overnight cure, this is not the product for you. When you get a quick cure, it usually comes with side effects. When you do things the natural way it usually takes a bit longer, but it is much healthier for your body.

home remedies for erectile dysfunction

About The Creator Behind Ancient ED Fix

The program was created by a man named Spencer Fields, who has a lot of experience in this area and has written lots of valuable information for men who suffer from this issue. Spencer used to experience erectile dysfunction himself and he has studied it for years, trying to find the best natural cure for this issue. He writes in a very easy to understand and accessible way, so that everyone will be able to follow along and implement the techniques in the book.

Summary of Ancient ED Fix

What are some of the topics that the Ancient ED Fix program covers? First of all, one of the components is a natural recipe that you can use for a traditional ancient Aphrodisiac. You will be able to enjoy this beverage and it claims to improve your performance and enhance your sex life.

Another one of the interesting topics within this program is the ideal that oral inflammation is increasing your chances of erectile dysfunction. The author explains that he has found a study that shows men who suffer from oral inflammation are much more likely to also experience erectile dysfunction. He offers a cleansing hack for your mouth that he claims you can use to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as more than 30 other systemic diseases.

The program also includes recipes for smoothies and shakes that you can enjoy which will improve your libido levels. These recipes taste great and they can be made easily with ingredients that you could find in your local supermarket.

The program also offers information on your partner’s “emotional hot signals” – these signals determine when your partner is in the mood to make love so that you can be better at initiating sex.

Also, the Ancient ED Fix program promises to teach you how to improve your stamina so that you can have better sex.

how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently

Benefits of Ancient ED Fix

According to the Ancient ED Fix program, if you follow the suggestions within you will be able to increase your sex drive, improve your stamina levels and also have more energy. The main benefit is that you will be able to do all of this without having to take a supplement or a pill with chemicals that can be harmful to your body.

Another benefit that this program promises is that it will enable you to last longer in the bedroom. You will be able to hold off from climaxing during sex, so that you can spend more time making love and ensure that it is satisfying for your partner. You won’t have to feel like you have let your partner down, you’ll be able to last a long time and have really wonderful sex.


If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, you are likely experiencing a lot of issues. This situation is damaging to your self esteem and it can cause you a lot of stress and unhappiness.

Why not try the Ancient ED Fix system and see if it can help you to solve your erectile dysfunction issues? The great thing about this program is that it offers a range of benefits. It doesn’t just focus on getting you hard, it also increases your penis length and girth as well as helping you to last longer in bed.

If you are curious about whether the program will work for you, there’s no harm in giving it a try. That’s because it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So, if you try the program and it doesn’t work for you then you can always ask for your money back – no questions asked. This means that there is no risk in trying out the program and seeing if it will benefit your sex life.


download ancient ED fix pdf

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