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Anti-Aging|Freebies|skin care

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Anti-Aging|Freebies|skin care

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Unusual Exercises that Help Maintain Power, Strength and Agility with Age


If you won’t or can’t do traditional strength training, here are several unusual exercises that can help you stay fit, powerful and strong as you age.


Hopping in place for twenty to forty reps can help strengthen muscles and bones as well as improves general agility and balance.



Dancing is fun and can boost strength in older people. It can also help build muscles. There are various ways to integrate dance in your life. You can play your favorite songs and dance to the beat or try to enroll in a dance class.


Jumping is a big obstacle for many older people. The thought of jumping is hard when you are worried about tearing or breaking something. However, you need to face your fears. Taking part in a jump training program can improve the functional ability and strength of elderly women.

Playing Sports

Playing sports requires you to react and move through various domains and planes. While that makes sports quite risky, it also means that it can build general physical deftness. Soccer, for instance, can improve fat mass, blood lipids, bone density, endurance, sprint time, blood pressure and bone density in mildly hypertensive middle-aged females. Tennis and basketball require good hand-eye coordination, endurance and quick movements.

tai chi

Tai Chi

Tai chi can help improve muscle strength and bone density in in older women and boost torque and muscle strength in older men. It can also prevent decline in lower limb strength due to age in older men. The results of training accumulate across months, so you need to be determined and continue your efforts if you want to use tai chi to improve your strength.

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine ball slams might be hard, but they’re enjoyable to do. Since you are slamming a strong sphere into the ground, you concentrate on the sensation and forget the effort. Older people don’t get plenty of chances to express the full force of their power. It is liberating and one session medicine ball training session improves stability, postural control and balance. Medicine ball slams can build strength. High speed medicine ball training that includes jumping and a bit of strength training can increase power and muscle strength in elderly women.

hill sprint

Hill Sprints

Hill sprints are good for people who are suffering from bad knees since hills are gentler on the joints. Running uphill allows you to hit the ground more softly. Hill sprints are actually safer for older people than flat sprints. On the other hand, sprinting should not do it very often. This is because sprints need plenty of recovery time. Sprinting once a week can help boost muscle power in older men. Those who manage to make sprinting work will most likely have stronger bones. Sprinting may also counter the damaging effects caused by aging on glucose regulation.
These are only some of the exercises that you can do to stay fit as you age. Try to incorporate these exercises in your life.


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Anti-Aging|Beauty Tips

Wine Can Be More Primal-Approved Than Other Drinks


Wine is one of the most favorite and oldest beverages in the world. Some of the most recent studies suggest that moderate consumption of wine can fight the most common cognitive deficiencies associated with aging. While the mechanisms behind the relationship between health and wine are not completely understood, most studies associate it with the high amounts of polyphenolic compounds such as resveratrol and flavonoids found in wine. Some people, however, have started experiencing negative side effects after years of drinking wine.

Todd White, the founder of Dry Farm Wines, had been through the same thing. He decided to find a solution to this problem and established Dry Farm Wines. By choosing wines from vintners who used organic, natural and traditional methods of making wine, he was able to drink and enjoy wine again without experiencing any side effects. Modern wine production might be causing most of the issues associated with wine consumption. Drinking wine produced using traditional methods can help wine enthusiasts enjoy drinking this beverage once again without getting their sleep or mood affected.

wine bottles
According to Todd White, the farming techniques and process of making wine have changed a lot. Standard modern wines now have higher sugar and alcohol content and are packed with additives and chemicals to enhance color, flavor and texture. The FDA has approved 76 additives and chemicals for use in making wine. Of these additives, however, the FDA classified 38 of them as GRAS or “Generally Regarded as Safe. Farming practices have also been industrialized and standard wines often contain phthalates, fungicides and mycotoxins. The wine industry has prioritized palate pleasing and earning profit. Nutrition or quality is no longer the top priority.
Wines produced by Dry Farm Wines don’t have added sugar. Since every batch of wine is lab tested, the ABV on each label is accurate. All Dry Farm Wine ABVs are under 12.5 percent, so you can drink wine without increasing your intake of alcohol to problematic levels. These wines only contain grapes as well as the wild yeasts thriving on the grapes themselves. The farmers that produce the wines Todd offers are almost all in Europe where the natural wine movement has become more popular. According to Todd, most of these natural winemakers are multi-generational landowners who still farm the same vines their grandparents and parents took care of. They use organic practices that create soil which is rich in beneficial organisms and nutrients. They don’t use irrigation that increases sugar content and yield, but removes nutrients and dilutes the quality of wine. Irrigated wines have higher alcohol content, but are lower in complexity compared to wines produced using traditional farming methods.

Red and white wine
All wines offered by Dry Farm Wines are 100% dry farmed. This means that the vines depend completely on natural rainfall. Dry farmed vines produce more complex fruits with deeper flavors. These fruits can be picked when it is less ripe and have lower sugar content. Using old-growth vines improves the quality of vines as well. The older the grape vine is, the deeper its roots are. It is also able to draw minerals and moisture from the soil a lot better.


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4 Simple Tricks for Anti-Aging Skin


Part of feeling healthy is looking healthy. When we feel like we look healthy, we are more inclined to increase and maintain our healthy habits while kicking bad habits to the curb. The older we get, the harder it is to see a drastic difference in our appearance. This unfortunate side effect of aging can be depressing on a good day and truly negatively impactful on a bad day. To keep your spirits up and your health in mind, tries these four simple methods of keeping your skin more youthful and radiant.

Trick #1: Minimize your pores.

Your pores need some help. They expand and grow, increasing as they accumulate more and more oil, dirt, and other miscellaneous gunk throughout your life. Using salicylic acid dissolves the problematic gunk throughout your pores, which allows them to shrink naturally and quickly, and adding a pore strip to your weekly routine can certainly help.

Trick #2: Use that sunscreen.

Sunscreen can be a real lifesaver when it comes to keeping skin safe and healthy. In addition to preventing skin cancer, sunscreen can just make your appearance more radiant and beautiful in the long run. It can keep your skin from prematurely wrinkling, and it can help you maintain healthy moisture levels. Make sure you apply it regularly, in large quantities, every day.


Trick #3: Sleep more and stop touching your face.

Both sleeping more and keeping your hands off can dramatically enhance your body’s natural ability to improve skin conditions. Just mere additional fifteen minutes per night can significantly correct undereye circles and help prevent fine lines. On the other hand, your hands are coated with oils and dirt and germs, all of which can create clogged pores and acne on sensitive places, like your face. This can be especially traumatic for thinner skin, like that around your eyes. For keeping your face looking youthful and lovely, you need to stop touching it. Seriously.

Guy looking at himself in the mirror.

Trick #4: Eat healthier, drink more water, and ditch the cigs.

You have no idea how impactful your metabolism is on the body’s ability to create clean, clear, radiant skin. In addition to promoting weight loss, the metabolism improves the majority of bodily functions. Drinking more water and eating well can stimulate positive action throughout the body. Certain fatty acids make skin more moisturized and beautiful, while hydrated skin stays free and clear of oils and dirt.

man and woman drinking water


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