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Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein Review

How Much Protein by Brad Pilon Review

How Much Protein is a book that addresses a common question that many people have when they start losing weight and building muscle – how much protein should I be eating every day? There are a lot of myths out there about weight loss and body-building and some of them are perpetuated by the supplement companies themselves. This book claims to give you the true information that you need to know so that you can prime your body with the optimum amount of protein for muscle growth and fat loss.

Knowing how much protein you should eat every day isn’t an easy question – which is apparently why it takes an entire book to answer it. After all, it’s not that simple. Protein is very important because it is what the body uses for a wide range of functions including replicating DNA, catalysing metabolic reactions, transporting molecules from one part of the body to another and much more. It is the basic building block of muscular fiber.

So how much protein should you be eating, when should you eat it and what are the best sources of protein? What does Brad Pilon have to say about this and what evidence does he have to back up his claims? Let’s take a look at this book and see how it can help you answer these questions.

About the How Much Protein Book

So, what exactly is this nutrition guide about and how can it help you?

This book was created by the nutrition and health expert Brad Pilon, who had success previously with his book Eat, Stop, Eat. The interesting thing about this book is that Brad has done a lot of academic research into the science of protein and how it works in the human body. He doesn’t base his book on hype, but rather on scientific evidence.

The book challenges the popular bodybuilding myth that protein is everything and if you want to look great and build muscle you should be eating large amounts of it throughout the day. According to Brad, you really don’t have to be eating as much protein as you might think.

In the book he will explain how much protein you should be eating in one sitting and whether or not there is a limit to how much protein the human body can absorb in one sitting.

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About the Author of How Much Protein

The author of this program is a man named Brad Pilon, who is considered an expert in the field of health, wellness, bodybuilding and weight loss. He is from a small suburb just outside of Toronto and he has always been interested in health and body sculpting. He started his career at 16 when he began selling supplements at the local shop. He went to University to get a degree in Applied Human Nutrition. Then, he went on to work with a small supplement company, which grew to become one of the largest in the world.

He has had a lot of access into the top tier of the fitness world, which has brought him a lot of wisdom and knowledge. However, he left this position so that he could go back to school and study protein. He learned a lot about the human body and he has applied this knowledge to the books he writes, sharing the fact that the many things we believe are healthy are not really as healthy as we think. He writes in a simple and straightforward manner, sharing his health and wellness expertise with the world.

Summary of How Much Protein

In this book, Brad provides an overview of the history of what we know about protein. He explains where the myths about protein in the nutrition and fitness industry came from. He also explains the dangers of following blindly the advice in the fitness magazines or the recommendations from the supplement industry.

Then, he goes into lessons in protein basics and provides an excellent overview without getting too complicated or scientific. He explains how protein affects muscle mass, as well as the impact of resistance training. He mentions quite a few scientific studies, but explains them well so that you understand the key points.

There is even a section of the book for vegetarians, as it is very important for them to think about how they get their protein. Brad presents a lot of information in this book without making it too complicated or difficult to understand. He wraps everything up with a quick discussion that explains his ideas about protein intake.

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Benefits of the How Much Protein Book

So what are the benefits to this book? Most of all, one of the main benefits of this book is that it challenges widely held beliefs about protein and makes you look at it in a completely different way. You don’t really need to ingest tubs of protein all of the time in the form of shakes and smoothies – you can build a significant amount of muscle with much lower protein intake than you might think. So, this means that you may not have to change your diet significantly when you are working out and you can save money on expensive protein shakes.

Another benefit of this program is that it is written in a very easy to understand way and the evidence is laid out very clearly, unlike other programs that are filled with medical jargon and are difficult to comprehend.


If you are interested in health, fitness, bodybuilding and getting your best possible physique – you might be intrigued by what this book has to say. If you are curious, why not download it just to check it out? The How Much Protein book comes with a money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work for you then you can always ask for a full refund. With nothing to lose, why not check out this book and learn about protein from someone who has spent years studying its impact on the human body?

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