The 7 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses of 2020

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Our Top Picks

People rave about these glasses from Gamma Ray Optics. They’re made of plastic—both the frames and the lenses—so they’re durable and flexible, and they come with a lifetime breakage warranty.


They’re also lightweight (weighing in at just 22 grams) for a comfortable fit. They feature amber lenses and come in a variety of magnification choices from 0.00x–2.00x.

Customers find that these glasses significantly reduce eye strain, and many notice a reduction in itchiness, dryness, and other symptoms that come with staring at a screen for long periods of time. Overall, these glasses get high marks for their good looks, quality make, and great value.

If you’re a little skeptical about the power of blue-light-blocking glasses, these budget-friendly glasses from Uvex are worth a shot.


Heck, the customer reviews are so good that even if money is no object, you still may want to try a pair. They feature orange lenses with Spectrum Control Technology, promising to absorb 98% of blue light from screens. The lenses can also be tilted into three different positions, allowing you to see screens at varying heights without straining.

The wrap-around style comes with a number of comfort features, including adjustable temples for a proper fit and a molded nose bridge. Customers give them strong reviews, with many noting a significant improvement in the quality of their sleep after wearing.

Gamers love the reduced eye strain that comes with these specs: They provide protection against ultraviolet radiation and UV 400. While many other blue-light-blocking glasses come with colored lenses, these are more inconspicuous (the lenses are clear).


They’re less reflective than other brands and less likely to alter the color of your games. They’re also waterproof, shock-resistant, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Some note these glasses run a bit large, but most say they’re comfortable and effective.

While some people choose to wear blue-light-blocking glasses only in the hours before bedtime, others prefer a pair, like this one from J+S, that they can wear all day long, especially if they find themselves staring at screens for most of the day.


They come in a variety of colors and frame shapes, all of which have clear frames, so they look like traditional glasses or readers. They promise to block out 90% of the most harmful blue light while you’re gaming, reading, watching TV, or doing anything else on a screen without distorting the color.

Customers say the glasses work as promised and are a great value for the price. They like the sleek look, and say they’re well made and comfortable to wear.

If you need a little help when it comes to reading the fine (or not so fine) print, these glasses from Prospek are a great pair to consider.


They come in a variety of magnification strengths from 0.00 to 3.00, so you can get a pair that works best for you. The lenses are clear, so there’s no color distortion either. They offer a 90-day full money-back guarantee if you don’t love your new peepers.

If you like to read yourself to sleep on a tablet or other device, these glasses are worth a try. These Peepers reading glasses come in magnification strengths of 1x to 3x and filter 40% of harmful UV rays emitted from digital devices.


The seven-layer anti-reflective coating to minimizes screen glare to give you great protection. An added bonus? They’re incredibly stylish!

These stylish reading glasses block out 40 % of harmful blue light rays while maintaining clarity, without the distracting yellow lenses that are often used in popular blue light blocking glasses.


These readers also offer protection from UVA and UVB rays and have anti-reflective lenses that eliminate glare and help you see more clearly.

Made with scratch-resistant lenses and spring hinges these glasses will last you a long time without bending or getting damaged. Choose between six different colors and seven magnification options—from 0.0 to 3.00.




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