Baked Sweet Potato Nuggets

Baked Sweet Potato Nuggets

Photos by Emily Caruso When I was growing up, I was quite the Chicken McNugget aficionado. Other fast food restaurants had their versions of nuggets, but I liked the McDonald’s version the best — probably because of the mild flavor. I’d dip half of them in ketchup and the other half in honey. Who came up with the idea to serve fried pieces of processed chicken with honey?! It kind of makes my teeth hurt to think about it now. Because I love making meatless versions of foods I enjoyed before I stopped eating meat, I decided to tackle this childhood favorite — and tackle it with sweet potatoes. So no, these are not something you’re going to eat and think, “Oh, these are just like the real thing!” But they do take the shape of the original and the dippability. (Dippability is not a word, but it should be.) The secret to forming nuggets with sweet potatoes is to let the mashed sweet potatoes chill in the fridge for a while before you start working with them. I’ve made several iterations of this recipe, trying to get the nuggets just right and this is the one that works the […]

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