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So, Are You Sure You’re Supplementing Beta-Alanine Correctly? Your Expert Guide!

The purpose of supplementing with Beta-alanine is to enhance the amount of carnosine, an element, which is associated with increasing exercise capacity at the time of high-intensity workouts. But, did you know that there is a common complaint that the effects of Beta-alanine does not last? So, to help you keep up your effect, I…
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Do BCAA Have A Caloric Value?

Hundreds of times I have come across this question which is asked by people trying to build muscle and lose fat and usually incorrectly answered that is why I have decided to write this week’s post to settle out the debate once and for all. But before we do that, let me quickly get you…
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What is the Best Protein Powder for Building Muscle?

Protein from the food we consume helps to build new muscle, repair muscle damages and serve as a source of energy. So yes, this is why you are required to eat more protein when you’re working than a person who does not work out at all. A daily gym goer requires at least 0.7 to…
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Is It Safe to Take ZMA and Calcium Together?

ZMA and calcium both of them are most popular bodybuilding supplements. If you are too wondering ZMA and calcium should be or not to be taken together, I suggest we must begin by understanding the fundamentals of ZMA calcium first. In other words, let’s get familiar with why we are comparing calcium and ZMA? There…
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A Quick & Easy Guide To Choose The Best Iron Supplements

To fulfill your iron deficiency, you are heading to the pharmacy, where you are welcomed by an overwhelming selection. And its indeed obvious to wonder that which one to make choice without resorting to an impromptu game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe? As each of them is different. But, before you make a choice, I…
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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Selenium

Due to strict diets, intense training regimens and because of modern life in general athletes and other bodybuilders are at risk of racking up too much physical stress. When such things happen, it is advisable to limit your ability from training, severely limiting your performance and results. Plenty of nutrients play their part in keeping…
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Your Expert Guide to Magnesium: Benefits, Deficiency, Dosage, Effects and More

You already know the significance of Vital minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium for your physique. There is one more significant mineral that you might not be aware with, is magnesium. Getting enough minerals and vitamins, including magnesium is significant for a number of functions in the body, including nerve stimulation, enzyme reactions and bone…
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If you are looking for a great testing, good quality whey protein shake which obviously doesn’t cost a small fortune, then I think I know what you have been looking for. Being a regular gym goer, I often come across about various whey protein powder FAQs. My recommendation is always to go for products that…
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Soy Protein Powder: Pros and Considerations

Whenever we hear the word “Protein Powder”, whey, egg, milk and beef-based supplements come to the mind at the first impression. All of those mainstays of the bodybuilding world share a commonality, as they’re animal-based protein sources. But, if are the one who does not prefer dairy products and a vegan but, want to have…
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The Importance of Essential Fatty Acids in Muscle Growth

Importance of Essential Fatty Acids in Muscle Growth You should not eat too much fat Make sure to eat lots of protein Eat carbs before and after working out The above given advice is oft-repeated that almost anyone engaged in a strength training program shouldn’t give a second thought. Here; however, is food for thought:…
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How Much Protein Can The Body Absorb?

Even if you are not a bodybuilder, then still you might be aware with the fact that protein – the macro nutrient responsible for rebuilding and repairing the muscle tissue and it is significantly important. Without enough amount of protein intake, gains will be limited, even if you are following an excellent training regime. There…
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Casein Vs Whey Protein: Comparison & Overview

Back to the basics is the rule of the thumb and one of the most effective ways to attain an ideal physique. Good nutrition is a significant bodybuilding basic and without it all of your bodybuilding efforts will be in vain and you will end up with a huge waste of time. Engaging in strength…
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Should I take protein before bed for more muscle growth?

So, should I eat or not to eat protein before bed? This question has haunted bodybuilders since time immemorial. Today, I am writing this article to answer you the above question, with some hard science. However, before you start taking sufficient protein dosing, it is required to educate yourself with the fundamental basis of protein.…
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Health Benefits Of Supplementing With Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, involved in myriad physiological functions. You would be surprised to hear that it plays a significant role in bone, muscle, brain, and immune strength, that can all lead to strength and improved muscle growth as well as overall health. If you are spending your day where you are not…
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Is HMB An Effective Supplement?

HMB stands for Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate, it is an active metabolite of leucine. As per the recent study, it has been found that around 5% of dietary leucine transforms into HMB through the process of oxidization, so any time you eat chicken breast or drink a whey protein shake or consume any other type of…
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How And When To Take Creatine Monohydrate

No other bodybuilding supplement on the market is backed by such in-depth scientific research like Creatine. This is significant to prove its authenticity, because scientifically proven facts that the use of creatine monohydrate is safe, and delivers improved gains in strength, muscle mass and overall muscular performance. Creatine is an organic substance synthesized in the…
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6 Supplements That Help You Burn Fat And Build Lean Muscle To Boost Your Endurance

In the last 3 decades, the numbers of women who go to the gym to pump iron has constantly increased and that too for good reason. As per the experts only 2 strength training workouts weekly can help you improve your body composition, burn fat, boost your mood and even fight against aging. As per…
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The Importance Of Supplements In Bodybuilding

In a nutshell, dietary supplements have all the required nutrients that are essential for building lean muscle mass. When you combine with a high fiber good diet, they can improve your training performance and results. However, there are some big lies and even bigger truths about dietary supplements. Even specialists agree that mineral or vitamin…
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3 Weight Loss Supplements To Kick Start Your New Year Resolution!

So, the New Year has rolled around, 2017 is now behind us and 2018 is in full swing. This is the time of the year, when, so many resolutions made many of which, unfortunately aren’t adhered too. There is often too much expectation on immediate results and quick fixes when it comes to New Year’s…
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Does Green Tea Fat Burner Work?

Green Tea Fat Burner is one of the most commonly used weight-loss fat burner made by California-based company Applied Nutrition. It is based on two primary ingredients- green tea and caffeine. Fat burners won’t yield results if you exercise and diet aren’t in balance. Green Tea Antioxidants Burn Fat Green tea leaves encompass antioxidants called…
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Universal Nutrition: Sports And Fitness Industry Staple For 40 Years And Counting

Universal Nutrition has been an essential fitness-industry staple for almost past 4 decades and counting. If you have ever come across any bodybuilding advertisements, then I am pretty sure that you might have come across Nutrition advertisements or containers of Animal Pak at your local gym. Universal Nutrition has pushed so hard into the regularly…
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Ask the Experts- February 2020

Dear Red Hot Mamas, I’m pretty active and work out practically every day. But I am concerned about osteoporosis since my mother developed it when she was in her 70’s. How can I tell if I am at risk for osteoporosis? Belinda Dear Belinda, Although some risk factors are beyond your control (unchangeable), others you…
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Raising Awareness About Heart Health

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” – Robert Frost Dear Red Hot Mamas, Another Groundhog Day has come and gone. And, according to groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, we will have an earlier spring since this little fellow did not see his shadow on February 2nd. The weather in NJ is usually cold and snowy,…
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Blast from the Past: Amphetamines and Weight loss

Amphetamines are classified as a functional appetite suppressant and stimulant in weight loss pills. The term “amphetamines” typically refer to the different types, such as dextroamphetamine, amphetamine and methamphetamine, states the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Amphetamines have been used therapeutically since over a century and their abuse has required implementation and restraint. All weight loss…
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4 Steps to Help Your Kids through their Worst Meltdowns

We’ve all been there…. You’re tired and stressed and your child begins to have an intense meltdown. You think you know what to do until you’re caught in the highly charged frenzy of your child’s tantrum and find yourself reacting…what do you do now? If you’re like most parents, your immediate reaction is to want…
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Laura’s Peaceful Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth

Laura’s Peaceful Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth “It felt good to be vocal and ride each wave while on hands and knees. Throughout the process, my husband would touch my shoulder to remind me to relax, and I kept thinking “open, open, open.” Hypnobabies® – Natural Childbirth at its best! Join our Hypnobabies Community and receive 15%…
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Making A Career Change Later in Life

Written by Brooke Faulkner-Guest Contributor Change is not just for the young. Adventures are not just for the inexperienced. Whether you’re 15 or 50, trying new things is what keeps us youthful. The fact is that life is long and the one constant in life is change. So, whether you are an accomplished professional looking…
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Rainbow Highlighter – The Magical Highlighter for Beauty Unicorns

The rainbow highlighter is the latest makeup trend that keeps the online beauty community buzzing, more precisely, Bitter Lace Beauty’s Prism multi-color illuminating pressed powder ($27), which gives a beautiful iridescent rainbow ombre effect when applied to the face. The small handmade cosmetics company, which sells its makeup products on Etsy, can barely keep up…
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Have You Seen More Than 28/42 Of The Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made?

Do NOT watch any of these movies if you wish to preserve your innocence. View Entire Post ›

This Aesthetic Photo Quiz Will Reveal Which Secondary “Friends” Character You Are

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Only A “Twilight” Superfan Can Get 9/12 On This Soundtrack Quiz

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17 People Reveal The Moment They Knew It Was Time To Get Divorced

“I knew it was time to get a divorce when my ex treated me like a roommate instead of a spouse.” View Entire Post ›

✅ Concrete Paint: Best Concrete Floor Paint 2020 (Buying Guide)

Concrete Paint: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Concrete Floor Paints in 2020: ✅1. KILZ Over Armor Wood/Concrete Coating: ✅2. Eco Advance Concrete Coating: ✅3. Rust-Oleum Concrete floor Paint: ✅4. BEHR Premium Concrete floor Coating: ✅5. DRYLOK Epoxy Floor Paint: To save you both time and money,…
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5 Reasons to Use Oil as your Face Moisturizer

It might seem counter-intuitive to use oil in your skin care, especially if you have oily skin. This is a common misconception when it comes to skin care, and one that can be remedied by researching the best oils for your face. The good news is, once you have made the leap to organic skin…
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All In Update: I Had To Get Surgery, Losing Weight?, Physique Update

💕HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 50% OFF MY PROGRAMS 💕 (ends Sunday 8/16) 🏋️‍♀️Beginner to Intermediate 🏋️‍♀️ Women’s Foundation Program 📒 🏋️‍♀️Intermediate to Advanced Lifters🏋️‍♀️ Women’s Specialization Program (difficulty 3) 📒 Women’s Optimization Program (difficulty 4) 📒▹ If you want daily updates, follow me on IG▹ (I literally show you EVERYTHING I’m up to) ▹IG‣ @stephanie_buttermore ▹…
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SLIM WAIST IN 10 MINS | Rebecca Louise

Want a slim waist but no equipment? This SLIM WAIST IN 10 MINS WORKOUT is perfect for you! Not sure where to start? Kickstart your healthy lifestyle, enter your email to receive your FREE workout & meal plan – Need a pair of resistance bands? 🙋🏽‍♀️ You can get them here in my shop…
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The 6 Hottest Hair Accessory Trends We’re Seeing in 2020

If there were ever a time to bedazzle your hair, it’s here and now. While 2020 may be the year of bangs and lived-in updos when it comes to hairstyles, dressing up your ‘do with something is all the rage in the accessories category. Oversize headbands? Check. Pearls on pearls? Cute! The return of the…
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Paws What You’re Doing – These 52 Fashionable Dog Coats and Jackets Are a Must This Winter

Bundling dogs up in trendy coats for the Winter is a very paw-pular thing to do, and for good reason – no one wants their furry BFF to be cold! It also makes for a cute Instagram pic, too. The search for dog Winter wear that’s both warm and fashionable can be an undertaking, and…
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This Montage of Jerry’s Best Cheer Mat Talk Is the Best Way to Start and End Your Day

All hail, Jerry Harris, the King of Mat Talk! The 20-year-old Navarro Cheer athlete has stolen the hearts of Netflix subscribers around the nation with his charisma, and I’m thrilled to his moments of encouragement all in one video. In the docuseries, Jerry brought joy to the gym when his teammates needed it most. “You…
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Easy Green Chile Chicken Tamales

If you think making tamales sounds daunting, know that we’ve been there, too. But, we have some good news. Now that we’ve made them ourselves, we understand not only how easy they are, but also how amazing they are for feeding a crowd, meal prep, and freezer-friendly meals! Inspired by a cooking class I took…
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Free The President of the Jungle Event at Barnes & Noble

Free The President of the Jungle Event at Barnes & Noble Don’t miss out on The President of the Jungle Event at Barnes & Noble that you can attend for FREE! This event is happening today at 11am. Get more Freestuff here Tweet Continue reading Free The President of the Jungle Event at Barnes &…
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Free IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream

Free IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream Follow the link on BzzAgent to apply. You can also Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter Or join our Deals & Discounts Facebook Group for huge savings!

Free Confidence In A Cream Sample

Want to try out a sample of IT Cosmetics confidence in a cream for free? If so then head over to BzzAgent and get yourself registered and you will get to try this product for free. Follow their link and register today. Click GET FREEBIE button to visit their website and read about this offer.…
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Free Saltwater Breeze Shower Gel

Join Yuno Surveys today and you will get to receive free Saltwater Breeze Shower Gel For Signing Up. Simply follow our link and signup with your details and then start taking surveys and try out products for free. Click GET FREEBIE and then register with your details today. The post Free Saltwater Breeze Shower Gel…
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Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in London

London is known to be one of, if not the most vegan-friendly city in the world. With so much buzz lately on London, we figured we’d go ahead and give you a little more! To read about why London is so great for vegans, with some data to back it up, read our recent post…
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True Disney Snobs Will Get 8/10 On This Quiz


Everyone Has A Little Boomer Inside Them – What Percent Boomer Are You?

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Stay At The Tipton Hotel And We’ll Tell You If You’re More Like Zack Or Cody

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Tory Burch’s new ToryTrack might be the best looking smartwatch for women

Tory Burch was one of the few Fossil Group partners to forego the release of a smartwatch last year, but it today announced its return with the ToryTrack Tory Smartwatch – yes, that’s its full title. Last releasing the $350 Gigi touchscreen smartwatch back in 2018, the ToryTrack allows the company to re-establish itself among…

Chipotle Beef Barbacoa Recipe (Slow Cooker / Crock Pot)

The best Crock Pot barbacoa ever! If you love barbacoa beef, you have to try this copycat Chipotle barbacoa recipe in a slow cooker. It’s healthy, easy, low carb, and fall-apart delicious. Get The Recipe > Chipotle Beef Barbacoa Recipe (Slow Cooker / Crock Pot) Want more like this? Visit the Wholesome Yum recipe index for…
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