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ADHD TikToker Dani Donovan Gives Actionable Tips For Self-Acceptance and “Getting Sh*t Done”

TikToker, artist, and “ADHD meme queen” Dani Donovan got started on her path in a fitting way.

A few years ago, Donovan was chatting with a coworker when the topic of therapy came up. “I just hadn’t heard anyone openly talk about therapy before,” she remembered, and it gave her the courage to say, “Hey, I have ADHD.”

That simple conversation sparked something in her – a desire to start sharing her experience with ADHD more widely, something she’d never felt comfortable with before. These days, it feels appropriate that Donovan’s own work (clever and comedic TikToks, tweets, and comics) helps others with ADHD work toward self-acceptance and share their own stories.

The enthusiastic response – Donovan’s first comic went viral, and she has nearly 600K followers on TikTok – revealed an ADHD community that “has felt so invisible and ashamed for so long,” Donovan said. “We haven’t had someone to speak up about our experiences.”

Now, part of Donovan’s goal is to help fill that void – and empower others to join her. How is she doing it? We talked to Donovan about her winding journey to TikTok, her favorite tried-and-true tips for people with ADHD, and what it’s like to watch her impact grow, ahead.

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