9 Best Creams for Dry Feet to Heal Your Heels (2018)

9 Best Creams for Dry Feet to Heal Your Heels (2018)

Dry skin is something we all deal with, but our feet need special foot creams because they get atomic levels of cracked and flaky to the point where normal lotions don’t cut it. So begins the search for the best cream for dry feet.

There’s a scientific reason your feet are likely to be the driest part of your body. Our skin produces natural oils to keep our skin hydrated and sealed off, but the bottoms of your feet are one of the few parts of your skin that don’t have oil glands. Which makes sense–can you imagine trying to walk around with oily feet? I already slip and fall for no reason.

This evolutionary tactic leaves our feet vulnerable to drying out. Dry skin itches and can crack, exposing us to infection. It’s important to keep our feet properly moisturized so they can properly perform their job. For more information on what causes dry feet, cracked heels, and for tips for smoother skin head down to the end of the article.

I’ve rounded up the best foot creams for a variety of different foot issues so let’s get into it.

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