7 Best Nail Polish Rack & Stand Options of 2018 (Updated!)

7 Best Nail Polish Rack & Stand Options of 2018 (Updated!)

Having a quality nail polish rack is a must if you’re a technician at a nail salon but it’s also a great storage tool for someone like me who owns an ungodly amount of nail polish.

Polish bottles are a lot harder to efficiently store than you’d expect. They’re like this strange break in physics where despite being small and, for the most part, of a standard shape, nail polish bottles seem to take up twice the space you expect them to and trying to fit them into general organizers leaves all kinds of wasted space.

For personal use for polish-addicts, it’s a whole new level of convenience and space-saving storage. For salon use, it’s a professional must. Read on to see the best nail polish wall racks and stands that are available right now.

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