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20 Best Plus Size Bras: Which is Right for You? (2018)

Whether you’re a beautiful, big woman, or you’re simply amply endowed, finding the best plus size bras can be a challenge. Even though large breasts are coveted by many, we know from experience, that a big bosom makes a lot of things a whole lot tougher.

Most clothes aren’t designed to accommodate our larger than life assets, which means shirts gap, and clingy clothes have that too-tight look. But finally, lingerie companies are designing great plus size bras that are specifically made to support, lift, separate and even minimize our bustline, so that we, too, can look great in everything we wear.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts about plus size sports bras, swimsuits and shapewear, finding foundations that fit, and look as pretty as their smaller size counterparts, hasn’t always been easy.

Now, brands like Arabella, Leading Lady and Elomi are making beautiful, sexy plus size bras that are functional, fashionable, and that don’t feel like chicken wire next to your tender skin.

For the purposes of this post, I’ll look at four different bra categories: plus size minimizers, plus size push up & plunge ras, strapless bras and T-shirt bras. Each style has their own unique design, purpose and benefits. So let’s get down to the specifics of each, so you can find the fit, feel and look you desire.

Another thing to remember, you’re making an investment in your comfort. Heavy breasted women often cope with neck, shoulder and back pain, so look for a combination of comfort and beauty. And whatever you do, if you don’t have time to hand wash your bras, (who really does?) do put them in a lingerie bag, and remember to wash them on the gentle cycle to give them the longest life possible.

Plus Size Minimizer Bras
These bras do exactly what they say. When properly designed, they can actually reduce your bust size up to an inch and a half. Why would you want to? If you’ve ever worn a button up shirt, suit jacket or wrap dress that gapped or opened too widely, you know the frustration. Plus size minimizer bras, in essence, spread the wealth, with differently styled cups and side panels to accommodate breast tissues. These are a terrific choice, especially for women who want to look their best in business wear.

Plus Size Push Up & Plunge Bras
There are those occasions when we find the perfect scoop neck blouse or low cut dress, and we’re not afraid to flaunt our righteous cleavage. For most larger breasted women, we have cleavage by default, usually as a result of ill-fitting bras. The best plus size push up bras and plunge bras allow you to wear wrap front dresses, and clothes with more revealing necklines, while at the same time, providing excellent support. Often, these plus size bras have wider set straps, a bonus when you’re wearing something with a wide neckline.

Plus Size Strapless Bras
Whether you’re planning a wedding or attending an evening event, big busted women are often limited in terms of formal wear, because finding a good strapless bra used to be nearly impossible. These new plus size strapless bras actually support and, perhaps more importantly, stay in place. Silicone strips keep them from rolling up, or sliding south. And with underwires, extra boning and bustier styles, any strapless gown or sundress can be part of your wardrobe.

Plus Size T-Shirt Bras
Honestly, these bras aren’t just for the days you want to wear a fitted t-shirt, although they will make you look amazing when you do. These bras help to keep back cleavage at bay, and their smooth cups let you wear knits and the most clingy fabrics with no fear of your headlights showing. These t-shirt bras are the daily go-to for many women for their pure comfort, and they come in both wire-free and underwire styles.

Now that you’re amply armed with information, it’s time to get excited about your next bra purchase, because we’ve found some beautiful plus size bras that should be in your lingerie drawer starting now. Here are our choices for the 20 Best Plus Size Bras. Check them out to see which is right for you.

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