11 Best Monitor Risers: Your Easy Buying Guide (2018)

11 Best Monitor Risers: Your Easy Buying Guide (2018)

Unless you have a height-adjustable desk, chances are that your computer monitors sit at about neck height.

This convention impacts your posture, energy levels, and overall health by causing you to slouch in your seat while you work or play games.

Thankfully, there is an inexpensive solution to this problem that doesn’t require stacking books under your monitor.

A small wooden monitor riser can bring your screen up anywhere between 4 and 16.5 inches, allowing you to sit up straighter and more comfortably while you work.

Many risers have handy organization compartments, and even the most simple designs will add desk space to your setup.

So don’t slouch a moment more. Read on below to free up desk space and fix your posture.

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