10 Most Unique Bow Ties: The Ultimate List (2018)

10 Most Unique Bow Ties: The Ultimate List (2018)

Step aside, satin. Catch ya later, cotton. There are some new kinds of killer bow ties in town.

While bow ties, in general, can have more of a quirky reputation, a unique bow tie in a non-traditional fabrication can look sharp and sophisticated when the rest of your look stays classic. Plus, it really shows off your confidence and personality and demonstrates you definitely know what’s up when it comes to style.

A unique bow tie isn’t just for a fashion rock star either. If you feel that even a basic design is too much of a leap, rest assured that many of our unique picks are still quite subdued and handsome. We made sure to include something for everyone.

Before we dive into our list, let’s go over a few important components of bow ties:

1. The Big Three Styles: All bow ties you find will be self-tie, pre-tied, or clip-on. Each is as it sounds with the self-tie loose for you to tie; the pre-tied has the bow and knot already in place, comes with a strap, and is the easiest to wear; and the clip-on will clip directly into the collar of your shirt.

2. The Five Shapes: The butterfly, the big butterfly, the batwing, the diamond point, and the club round are the most common bow tie shapes. The butterfly is the most popular, the one with which most people are familiar, and the shape of most of our picks.

3. The Golden Rule: The bow tie you wear should never be larger than your face or neck. That’s what keeps even the most unusual styles from veering comical.

Got all that? Good. Now, let’s see the looks that will set you apart and take a look at the top ten best unique bow ties available in 2018, starting with my number one stunner, and moving on to other great finds from there.

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