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10 Cute Backpacks for College: The Ultimate List (2018)

With school years lumping together like the world’s spinning at double speed, there’s a good chance your tattered old backpack is about ready for the trash.

Even if it still has some life left in it, it is always nice to freshen things up with a new look. To inspire you with some ideas, we’ve picked out a handful of our favorite cute backpacks for college, each of which offer a high storage capacity, good compartmentalization, and of course, style.

Most of these backpacks also qualify for two-day free shipping with Amazon’s Prime Student Free Six Month Trial.

If you are a student with a valid .edu email address, you get this plus free movie streaming, free photo storage, early access to deals, free Audible content, and free access to select ebooks. All for six months at no charge.

Even if you aren’t, read on below to check out our top picks.

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