10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Accessories: The Ultimate List


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10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Accessories: The Ultimate List

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Despite controversy regarding their lack of auxiliary port, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have seen some massive upgrades over last year’s models, but the iPhone 7 Plus is the most compelling reason to up your screen size in years.

With the addition of new benchmarks like dual 12MP camera lenses, an A10 four core CPU, and a massive 256 GB of internal storage, the value of the latest iPhone Plus has grown immensely.

The iPhone is closer than ever to becoming its own independent workstation, but the sheer versatility of this smartphone constantly lends itself to being accessorized and built upon.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most useful and impressive products that were practically made for the 7 Plus. Read on below and get the gears rolling while you place your pre-order.

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1. Apple 1.49-Inch Sport Smart Watch

With the announcement of the new Apple Watch Series 2, the Apple Watch is due to see a price drop very soon. Whether it is the Series 2 or the original, the Apple Watch is meant to be the perfect match for your iPhone for checking notifications, sending messages, controlling music, and so much more.

Those who want to take advantage of the newest fitness features of the Series 2 will have to wait patiently for its October release, but until then, the so-called Series 1 Apple Watch is now on people’s radar as more a budget watchOS device.

Looking for more accessory ideas? Check out our guide to the best iPhone 8 accessories.

Price: $295.00 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Apple 1.49-Inch Sport Smart Watch here.

2. Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Portable Battery Charger

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Despite the iPhone 7 Plus’ impressive 2810mAh capacity (slightly larger than the iPhone 6s Plus), battery-consuming apps like Pokémon Go and Snapchat leave most users needing extra juice to get through a day of heavy phone use.

Anker’s Powercore+ 10050 is one of their most popular powerbanks, combining a sleek and durable alloy casing with a powerful 10000mAh battery inside, which can recharge the iPhone 7 Plus almost three times over.

This compact charger can easily fit in your pocket, and offers the same PowerIQ and VoltageBoost features as other Anker powerbanks to ensure the safest and easiest recharges.

Price: $39.99 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Portable Battery Charger here.

3. Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Earphones

With the announcement that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will not have a 3.5mm port, many are seeking to upgrade their current cans to digital headphones that use the Lightning port.

The Pure Lightning Earphones from Brightech contain their own 24-bit DAC and amplifier, which are more powerful than that of the either iPhone 7 itself, or their bundled Lighting Earpods, which will be a bottom-tier headphone.

This allows their audio quality far exceed those of most standard headphones in the same price category. The Pure Lightning’s sound is highly detailed, with nuanced highs and rich mids.

Earbuds are not typically rich with bass, but these headphones have enough low-end to balance the sound. If you have a high-end pair of over-ear headphones, then by all means, use the included Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, but if not, the Pure Lightning Headphones will be a classy upgrade.

Price: $49.99 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Brightech MFi Pure Lightning Earphones here.

4. OMOTON iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector 2 Pack

Getting a case for your iPhone is a no-brainer, but those upgrading phones will often overlook a new screen protector. If you want your screen looking immaculate long after your first week owning it, there is no option better than a tempered glass screen protector.

This two pack of 9H hardness screen protectors offers easy installation, high transparency, and resistance from scuffs and scratches. Many phone cases will come with a basic plastic screen cover, but the tempered glass screen cover will last much longer, and keep your screen looking beautiful.

Price: $5.99

Buy the OMOTON iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector 2 Pack here.

5. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Although Lightning headphones promise to deliver higher quality audio than Bluetooth audio is currently capable of, many will be just as interested in wireless audio as Lightning audio now that the 3.5mm jack is toast.

The Jaybird X2 headphones are among the most popular sports style wireless earbuds out there, as they combine impeccable audio quality with a comfortable fit and a long-lasting battery.

You can connect your X2s up to any Bluetooth-compatible source and enjoy up to eight hours of audio playback, and their tight fitting design is perfect for running. Their comply foam tips and ear wings ensure a perfect fit for any ear.

Price: $111.50 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones here.

6. Caseology iPhone 7 Plus Parallax Case

A phone case is a serious no-brainer, but in case you didn’t already think of it, we’ve got you covered. The Parallax case from Caseology has a stylish geometric pattern that brings movement and variety to the relatively plain background of your phone.

It also offers cushioning from drops and offer a little more grip. The case has a flexible TPU sleeve and a rigid polycarbonate bumper frame, which work together to keep your phone free from shock damage and scratches.

If this style doesn’t suit you, there are plenty more out there.

You can browse for more iPhone 7 Plus cases by clicking here.

Price: $15.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Caseology iPhone 7 Plus Parallax Case here.

7. 4 Pack of Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cables

Apple has gone all-in on their Lightning connector, and they aim to someday make it the universal standard. Even if Lightning doesn’t catch on with other devices, it will still be worth having plenty of extra cables around your house to charge your iPhone.

This handy four pack of 1m Lightning cables is a convenient and inexpensive way to stock up. The cables are MFi-certified, so they will be able to power your phone and send data at top performance. And you’ll never be without one.

Price: $12.97

Buy the 4 Pack of Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cables here.

8. 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

The 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 7 Plus will be sharper and brighter than ever, yet you’ll still spend half your time with your fingers covering half of it. If you want to enjoy the amazing display of the 7 Plus to its fullest, you can switch to a portable Bluetooth keyboard for extended typing needs.

Obviously, for simple text messages, Apple’s iOS 10-upgraded keyboard will suffice, but if you are drafting out a longer message or email, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

This compact keyboard from 1byone is pocket-sized, and can work for over 60 hours on one charge. This is an easy way to improve your productivity, or you could just use it to free up some visual real estate while you write spiteful YouTube comments.

Price: $35.99 (36 percent off MSRP)

Buy the 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard here.

9. FiftyThree Pencil Digital Stylus

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Tim Cook hinted that the latest generation of iPhones may eventually support the Apple Pencil, but until then, you are best off using FiftyThree’s original Pencil for you design needs.

The Pencil is a digital stylus oriented towards graphic design, with a unique tip that can create a variety of lines. The Pencil also allows for blending with your finger, and you can even flip the Pencil over and erase with the other side.

The Pencil works best with the Paper app, but is also compatible with Microsoft OneNote, Procreate, Sketchbook Mobile, Note shelf, and more.

The Pencil charges via MicroUSB, and can last about a month with normal use, which allows it to last even longer than its writing utensil namesake.

Price: $49.95

Buy the FiftyThree Pencil Digital Stylus here.

10. Tile Phone and Key Finder

Though you won’t be likely to let your new iPhone 7 Plus out of your sight long enough to misplace it, you might still benefit from connecting it to a Tile Bluetooth tracker.

The Tile is a small device that syncs to your phone to make sure you can always find it. Press the button on the Tile and it will ring your phone, even if it is on silent.

The Tile also works the other way, allowing you to use your phone to find any one of your devices to which you’ve attached a Tile.

Connect one to your keys, your wallet, your headphones, and your remote control, and you will never lose track of your stuff again. Is the keyring style not doing it for you? Consider the new Tile Slim, which fits a whole new variety of objects.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Tile Phone and Key Finder here.

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